Educateurs san Frontières

Montessori Education for Social Change
Empowering Communities,
Enabling Children

Educateurs sans Frontières ® (EsF) is a division of the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) dedicated to assisting children through the Montessori approach to education. EsF is Montessori without
Borders © and is committed to working
with individuals, families, communities, organisations, and governments to champion the rights, education and welfare of children worldwide.


Fourth EsF Assembly

This two-week assembly will combine a study and reflection of Montessori principles and practices and the historical development of EsF with a series of thought-provoking and inspiring presentations from individuals who bring the practice of Montessori into a broad range of contexts and environments and/or experience of humanitarian endeavour.

Experts in their field will lead each day and introduce their specific topic related to the overall theme of the EsF Assembly, Montessori Education for Social Change: Sustainable Initiatives - Innovative Solutions.

Participants will be inspired by thought-provoking and stimulating ideas, and are invited to further their commitment and understanding through discussion and reading. We also invite participants to be active presenters themselves by bringing their own initiatives, experience and learning moments to their fellow EsF participants.

Some of the experts come from the field of neuroscience, and children’s rights. Other specialists will demonstrate how principles of Montessori education can work with Indigenous peoples, communities in refugee situations, outreach projects in Thailand, people suffering from Alzheimers, or child-centred sustainable community development.


Fourth Assembly of
Educateurs sans Frontières

Montessori Education
for Social Change

Sustainable Initiatives -
Innovative Solutions

2 to 16 August 2015
Inpawa Hotel Ban Phai,
Khon Kaen, Thailand

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